a few words about this project

Producing the Sword of the Watch has been on my mind for decades.

Nestled in the quiet of the Arkansas River Valley, you'd think I'd be quite content with my little slice of Heaven. For the most part, you'd be right, but this fantasy project just seemed to haunt me, yearning to be made.

I'd written what became the first chapter of a novel in a 1981 Advanced Composition class, and this entire fantasy concept proceeded to erupt from it without warning. But I was young and married, with young children, and the studio had to pursue more immediately lucrative projects. And so I did pursue them...but after my wife and I had built a successful production business, about every 5 years, another novel kept coming together. What had been just a single volume ("The Fall of Daoradh") soon became a second ("The Rise of the Western Kingdom"), and a even a third ("The Watchers' War"). The story just would not let me rest.

So when my wife and I became empty-nesters, I began playing with the idea of producing a comic book or graphic novel, or maybe even tackling a pre-visualization animation. I purchased a 3D printer to create tangible versions of concepts, poured massive amounts of time into screenwriting, 3D Character Creation, Terrain Building, and Motion Capture animation, not to mention 30 years wielding a camera, editing audio and video, creating 3D animation, and creating feature length productions for clients. As computer technology and its inherit production power continued to skyrocket, I became convinced that this thing, this wild ride of a story, could actually be produced.

So here I find myself, 30-plus years down the road, with a finished trilogy, tons of concept art, a finished pilot screenplay, and a whole host of technology challenges solved. Now I'm committed to building a team to take this to the next level: a animatic of the pilot, a set of physical costumes and props, and a trailer of the sort to showcase the story's characters, VFX and unique locations, so as to get additional funding for the larger effort.

The only question now is, "Will you join me?"



Completed Literary Work
Every great artist wants a great story to tell. The Sword of the Watch is that story.


Proven Workflows
We've invested heavily in getting the tools needed and completing testing to prove out production workflows.


Production Integration
The production pipeline now encompasses concept artwork, character creation, prop creation, VFX, PFX, body motion capture, facial motion capture, hard surface and organic modeling, 3D printing, terrain design, sky systems, particle FX, rendering, editing and color grading.