Event Sound

Ready to have a great event, but you’re worried about everyone being able to hear what’s going on?

Millard-Henry Clinic Grand Opening for Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center

Or maybe last year the event message was lost because every detail was attended to except the audio?

Remember promising to yourself that you’d never do that again? That the crunches, pops, and wails of feedback would never again ruin your event?

IMC Studios gets it. We’ve seen poor event organizers scrambling when great events go so wrong because the audio is so bad. It’s a tragedy the number of great words that have gone unheard because of bad event sound.

Don’t be that person. Plan NOW on making sure everyone can hear! Contact IMC Studios!

We approach event sound differently. We don’t rent you a PA with heavy boxes, cables and amplifiers. Instead, we work with you to understand your event, determine what your real needs are, bring the equipment to your event, set it up, provide an engineer to control the sound, then break everything down and take it away when the event has ended. Simple and efficient.

Don’t have microphones, stands, or cables for additional performers? We can add wired and wireless microphones, stands, and all necessary cabling a la carte. Need windscreens and pop filters? We’ve got ‘em. Maybe you just need a small set of speakers for a luncheon video? Got that, too, and again, all of our systems include setup, operation, and tear down.

We can provide custom audio tracks, pre-event music, event engineering, exit music, and all the labor and connection know-how to let you focus on your event, not your event’s production.

Ready to get started? Get our easy to use Event Sound Worksheet, and start your event sound planning now.

Want to skip the form and talk to an Event Sound engineer? Just give us a call! We’re happy to discuss your event needs over the phone and get you a quote for your turnkey event sound solution.