Audio/Video Duplication

Since 1994, IMC Studios has been duplicating Video and Audio recordings.
However, analog duplication over 20 years ago was quite different than the digital duplication process of today. Being a small business, duplication involved extensive amounts of time, personal dedication, and cost; equipment for mass production was outside what our small business could afford. The good thing about applying thousands of individual VHS Cassette labels by hand was that we had plenty of time to dream about the future....

The future is here and Audio and Video Duplication are finally affordable enough for even for a small business to automate. This is good for IMC Studios and, also, good for our clients, as it allows us to provide our many years of experience at a lower cost than ever before.

From individual copies to large orders, we are able to duplicate single and dual layer DVD’s, Blu-ray’s, Audio CD’s and USB Sticks on-site. Our duplication services for CD & DVD ROM includes printing and packaging. You may choose from several types of packaging, including paper or Tyvek sleeves, Clam Shell Cases, single-multi CD cases and single-multi Amaray Cases. Disk printing is also included for duplication orders, and quantity discounts are always available! We offer full-color printing, as well as simple black and white coloration.

IMC Studios services also include Menu and Duplication Master creation. Your menu may include one menu or several menu sub-pages.

Got a job we can’t complete on-site? We are also a Platinum Partner with Disc Makers, giving us the ability to duplicate thousands of discs with a myriad of mastering, printing, and packaging options.