Corporate Video

How to Bring Your "A" Game to Corporate Video

Jumpstart your Corporate Video project

Take a moment to really think about your Corporate Video message.  Your message should always drive the selection of your visuals.  We'll work with you to pick the scenes and acquire or create the imagery specifically to amplify your message.

And don't worry what those images will be!  Just focus on the message first, writing it out as clearly as possible.  This is the single best way to kickstart the process and have the message guide the process.

Use this Corporate Video form to help guide you.  It's a simple way to break down the project into more workable components: the message text and what you see happening at each point in the video.

What are the objectives of your Corporate Video? Is it a Branding exercise? A Marketing tool? Informational?  Go ahead and ask yourself again: does the message of the video meet the objective?  When you're absolutely sure you've got it right, move on to the visuals, and get a little more specific: where does the visual happen?  Who's involved in the process?

We can help here as well.  Somethings really have to been seen in motion to fully appreciate their function, others don't.  We'll take the time to look at your corporate video visuals from that approach.  Would a three camera crew with lights be needed to capture elaborate movement?  Or would a simple line of text appearing on the screen accomplish the goal?   Does the sound need to be captured on location? Or can a narrator overdub the voice later?

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