YouTube Live Streaming

Broadcast your live message to the world.

This is the moment we were waiting for: live broadcasting without the necessity of outrageous fees for tiny slivers of time on traditional television and cable stations. No more unmeasurable results or relying on Nielson ratings. No more commericals playing at 2AM to absolutely no one.

Now is the time of worldwide messaging at a fraction of the cost of traditional television and cable broadcasting.

IMC Studios has live broadcasting to YouTube and Facebook! Show the world your company, your product! Gather your employees to status or learn new things without ever leaving their desks. Watch your messaging on any device that has a YouTube or Facebook app. Host your own telethon, debate your politics—practically any event you would have gathered people to in the past can now be shared around the world!

Now you can combine the best technologies: YouTube Live Streaming and professional studio equipment. Don’t just shoot your message on a smart phone or iPad! Now you can broadcast your message with professional camera operators, tripod mounted cameras and lighting, graphic overlays, transitions and professional audio. Now you can broadcast a professional produced live stream like all the other television stations that came before—at a tiny fraction of the cost!

And if your event won’t fit in a studio, no worries. Our live streaming location equipment can give you all the benefits of live streaming at your next event. Event producers! Think how your backers will view your event in a much more favorable light when you let them know that your event will be broadcast live, worldwide!

And it doesn’t end there. All our live streams can be recorded for re-broadcast at a later date. We can convert them into other media—DVDs, Facebook Video, USB sticks for trade shows or customer visits. Extend the value of that production by resourcing for a multitude of other marketing channels.

Ready to go? Let’s do this. Use our Live Streaming Worksheet to gather your specifications and give use a call. Or simply attach the worksheet to an email. We'll get you a quote pronto!

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