Photograph/Negative/Slide Scanning

The ability to capture and preserve our precious moments might be the greatest feat of photography.

Photographs, negatives and slides were the method of choice for recording personal images many decades ago. Technology has certainly come leaps and bounds since the invention of photography, but as your more aged photos fade and deteriorate, you may be convinced that their integrity is simply lost. Special equipment is often required to even view severely aged and worn images. Family heirlooms, such as photographs, negatives, and slides are precious relics from the past and they are irreplaceable. Great care must be taken so that they may be preserved for future generations and your family’s legacy. Now is the time to take the past into the present using the technology of today.

Images today are captured in a high quality digital format, a much simpler method for sharing and storing files. Scanning your precious photographs, negatives, and slides and converting them to a high quality digital format is the safest way of preserving and saving your oldest memories.

Ask Mama & Papa, Mema & Grandpa where the family’s historical images are kept. Take those old photographs, negatives, and slides from under the bed, out of the closet and from any other dusty place where they’ve been stored. Don’t let your family’s photographs, negatives and slides disappear. They must be rescued and restored!

IMC Studios offers scanning services for multiple sizes and formats of photographs, negatives, and slides on location at our studio. There is no need to mail your family’s irreplaceable images and risk them being damaged or lost.

Our technicians at IMC Studios will take great care in making sure your precious photographs, negatives, and slides are handled with the utmost care and concern. We value your heirlooms as much as we value or lasting business relationship with you.

IMC Studios Photograph/Negative/Slide scanning service includes:

  • ● Cleaning - Each image is checked for particles and cleaned.
  • ● Scanning – Each image is delicately and individually hand-scanned by one of our experienced technicians.
  • ● Digital Enhancement – Each image is cropped, color corrected, etc. as necessary.
  • ● Transfer to Storage Device – Each digital images is saved to an external disk or drive for your convenience.

Act now before your family’s precious images are lost forever. Bring your old photographs, slides, and negatives to IMC Studios and we will preserve them for your future generations to enjoy and reminisce about for generations to come.