Performance Video

IMC Studios has provided performance video recording since 1994.

We’ve seen a lot of great shows over the years! Theatre productions, Recitals, bands—just about everything you can imagine!

We get performance video! We know the thrill of getting to see your performance from the audience’s perspective. It’s a magical thing.

Whether you need a performance video with a single camera or have elaborate performances where your performance video recording requires a coordinated crew and rehearsal attendance, IMC Studios is your source for great camera work, digital audio recording, multi-camera High Definition acquisition, editing, mastering and duplication.

We take the burden off directors and event organizers for delivering great performance video products to their patrons, production crews, and actors. Our packages include:
  • all HD audio and video capture equipment
  • setup
  • operation
  • tear down
  • post-production
  • mastering
  • duplication
  • distribution via DVD, BluRay, YouTube, or digital storage device
Ready to get started with your Performance Video project? Use our handy-dandy Performance Video Checklist to get organized. The Performance Video Checklist will guide your step by step through some simple questions that will help you get just what you need.

Have special licensing restrictions with your performance? No problem. We’ve dealt with numerous performance video licensing issues over the years, including DVD and BluRay sales that are Cast Only distribution.

Please, please book your events early! There are only so many crews and dates available. Even if you haven’t finished your Performance Video Worksheet, please call us at the earliest date! Let us ensure availability and reserve the date for your performance. We enjoy the business of many return customers, and scheduling conflicts can arise.

Finally, we want you to know that we love performances and performance video! There’s something very special about capturing your child or significant other pouring their heart and soul into a performance they worked their tails off to create. We know our distributed families often mean loved ones are unable to attend every performance, and we know that performance video may be their only opportunity to see and hear this important event. Capturing that performance is a privilege we hold dear here at IMC Studios, and we’ll work hard to make it the most special performance video we can produce.