Product Demonstration Video

Product demonstration video should be helpful, concise, and fun.

Faux Logic Designs wanted to demonstrate how easy it was to get great looking results with their product.

If successful, a product demonstration video should inspire viewers to share the video with their friends and family.

Potential customers often know little to nothing about a product, how it works, or its best features. Many of these concerns can be assuaged with just a few minutes of video. Combining this helpful information with slick marketing can make a product demonstration video go viral.

If a product is complex or expensive, a product demonstration video can act like a test drive – while reminding potential customers of its competitive advantages. In this way, the video creates a harmonious relationship with the viewer; they may not feel like they are being advertised to.

A high-quality product demonstration video builds brand identity, generates excitement about the product and company, and increases impressions and conversions.

There are many trendy ways to construct a product demonstration video, but there is one device that can be relied on: the problem-hero-solution story structure. The product is the relatable hero, solving a problem for customers.

Keep it simple. Every second that passes is a missed opportunity. Get to the point, quickly explaining exactly how and why the product will benefit consumers. What does it do that competitors’ does not? Avoid complex language. Take advantage of visuals whenever possible.

Above all, show enthusiasm! Consumers are much more likely to connect with a product if its creators are excited to show it to them. Many companies choose to include their CEO in a demonstration for that very reason – their love pours through the screen!

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