Video Distribution and Video Magnification

What to do when event attendance exceeds room capacity.

There are times when crowds are large enough that a single screen or room is not going to suffice, or the room is large enough, but the crowd can’t see the speaker or performance. These situations are perfectly matched to video distribution solutions or video magnification.

Video distribution is the use of splitters, amplifiers and additional viewing equipment such as monitors or projection equipment to place the source audio-video in multiple locations. This is especially useful when crowd sizes are expected to overflow the primary viewing area, and additional viewing areas allow event producers to maintain headcounts in each room to within the Fire Protection or Fire Marshal limits. IMC Studios provides amplification and video distribution equipment setup and operation, including the camera operator and HD camera to feed the video distribution equipment.

Video Magnification involves having a camera operator follow the speaker or performer, projecting the image on a large display for larger crowds to see clearly. Video magnification includes the camera operator, HD camera, and display(s), and includes all setup, operation, and tear down labor.

Often our customers will have us record the video distribution or video magnification camera shot, so that the video may be sold, replayed at a later date, or distributed through their online marketing channels.

Since cabling must be run to perform either video distribution or video magnification, take the time to look at traffic patterns for your event. Cable should be routed through areas with the lowest possible traffic to prevent fall hazards and loss of signal.

Ready to do some video distribution or video magnification at your next event? Use our Video Magnification/Video Distribution Worksheet to help gather your requirements and give us a call. Or attach the Video Magnification/Video Distribution Worksheet to an email. We’ll get back to you promptly with a quote.