A New Approach to Digital Content A Studio designed from the ground up to take advantage of new collaboration and distribution technologies.
We are Collaborators Ready, willing, and able to work with artists
to create the eye and ear candy of this Epic Fantasy.
Professional Quality Picture and Sound High Definition capture, digital editing, post-production, and distribution
ready to combine an Epic Story with Talented Crafts and Savvy Investors.
Lower Control Room Editing Suitepurpose

IMC Studios is building the world of The Sword of the Watch. From remarkable characters with their custom props and clothing, to beautiful sets and massive terrains--we're bringing the Sword of the Watch to life for fans of the series.

Connecting with Peoplepeople

We're seeking  investors and a team of talented craftspeople. Relationships drive our vision of what's possible for the series, and we're constantly looking for the right relationships to release the series across the gamut of entertainment pathways. 

Passionate staffpassion

The Sword of the Watch fantasy series has been on our plate since 1981, and we've refined our vision and skill sets along the way. After years of corporate video and television work, now it's time to develop relationships that bring the fantasy series to fruition.

our vision

IMC Studios will be a premiere provider of digital content in an 'on-demand' world.
We're telling an epic fantasy story, one that's destined to become a staple franchise in the fantasy entertainment realm, be it graphic novels, gaming, 3d animation or live action motion pictures.

We seek Entertainment Industry Executives and Creative Professionals driven  to deliver creative content, production, post-production services and distribution to audiences.

We encourage you to contact us with your interests in funding, producing or distributing the series.

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seeking crafts

Voice Artists / Actors
Bring characters to life with powerful voice and on-screen performances

Artists and Animators
Concept Art, 3D Modeling and Animation, VFX, PFX, Makeup, Sculpting, Set Builders and Prop Makers

Composers / Musicians / Editors
Compose, synthesize, perform, and edit Musical Soundtrack and SFX

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Our team

John Montgomery, President and CEO

John Montgomery

President and CEO

Bobbi Montgomery, CFO

Bobbi Montgomery

VP and CFO