Video Tributes

Photos in Motion with Music, Titles and Transitions that Honor Loved Ones.
IMC Studios “Video Tributes” are video slideshows designed in memoriam to honor your loved one. Video Tributes are created with the photographs and music of your choice. We capture your photos and digitally enhance them to create video slideshows complete with music, titles, digital effects and transitions.

Our Video Tributes are designed with you in mind. We understand that times like these are overwhelming and demand direct, personal attention. We will work with you and your family on your schedule to create your loved one’s Tribute Video. We have a working relationship with several funeral homes in the area, and years of experience meeting the tight time tables of memorial services.

We will ensure that your Video Tribute is a precisely personalized representation of your loved one, creatively stylized to celebrate their life at Visitations and Memorial Services.

We will meet with you and help you sort your still photographs and/or assist you in downloading digital files from Facebook, cell phones and laptops. We will also gladly assist you in sorting through and listening to music so you may find the songs that fits your loved one’s life. If you are unsure what music would be best to represent them in their Video Tribute, we will be able to provide suggestions.

It is our privilege to help create a tribute to your loved one during this difficult time.

Getting Started:

1. Choose your Photos: We accept physical photographs that can be scanned and digital files. You may provide your digital files by email, text, link, and/or on portable drives like USB drives, Cell Phones, and CD/DVDs.

2. Choose your Music: Write down the song name and the name of the artist that you would like to play during your Video Album. Allow for approximately 8 seconds per photo. If necessary, multiple songs may be used.

3. Choose your Titles: We suggest a title at the beginning and the end of your video. The most common Video Tribute titles are “In Loving Memory…” and “Celebrating the Life of…” but we are able to use any title you find captures the memory of your loved one. If you aren’t sure what would be appropriate, we will be glad to help.

Video Tributes are created at our downtown office (915 West Main Street, Suite D, 479-968-1731).  Please DO contact us at your earliest possible convienence, so that we minimize the time you need to be involved in creating a wonderful video, and maximize the time you spend with family and friends.