Video Albums

Memories Encapsulated in Motion with Your Cherished Photos, Music, Titles and Transitions!
Using your choice of family photographs, we will create a video slideshow perfect for any occasion that you, your family and your friends will enjoy and cherish for years to come!

This isn't your Dad's Kodak Carosel slideshow! It's a truly digital slideshow with beautiful HD quality picture and sound, and moving transitions that put traditional slideshows or PowerPoint to shame.

Worried about the quality of your older photos? Our advanced software allows us to digitally enhance and restore your memories, then skillfully pair them with music, titles, digital effects and transitions.

We will carefully scan each of your chosen photographs at the best resolution for video replay, then all the photos you provide will be cropped, color-corrected, and enhanced, as needed, with dutiful precision and care. You may provide your physical photos in person, or submit your digital photos via email, text messaging, or you may upload them and provide a link for us to download them.

Video Albums are perfect for any event: Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, Retirements, Memorials, Baptisms, and more. Don’t let the best days of your life be forgotten! A Video Album is a keepsake your family will treasure for generations.

Get Started Now:

1. Choose your Photos: We accept photographs that can be scanned, or digital files. You may provide your digital files by email, text, link, and/or on portable drives like USB drives, Cell Phones, and CD/DVDs.

2. Choose your Music: Write down the song name and the name of the artist that you would like to play during your Video Album. Allow for approximately 8 seconds per photo. If necessary, multiple songs may be used.

3. Choose your Titles: We suggest a title at the beginning and the end of your video. Be creative with the titles and associate the titles to the event and content of the video. If you don’t know what you would like, we are happy to make suggestions!

Want a little help getting organized? Get our IMC Studios Video Album Worksheet here!