Smart Phone Data Archiving

Smart Phones are a technological wonder; their sole purpose is to make our lives easier. Not only have they become our handheld computers and communication devices, but also our method of recording precious photos and videos. It’s easy to understand why: they're lighter, less bulky, make high-quality recordings, and come with their own internal data storage.

However, Smart Phone storage fills up very fast when saving your high-quality recordings. The higher the quality of the image, the more space required to store it. Of course, once the Smartphone's storage is full, adding additional recordings to the Smart Phone are not possible, and your Smart Phone’s app operation may be limited.

What’s worse, just like the storage drives inside our desktop computers, Smart Phone internal storage can fail. If your phone fails, the files saved on your phone’s storage may or may not be recoverable, but if they are, the cost to retrieve them could get very expensive.

If your technology fails, what should you do?

Bring your Smart Phone to IMC where we provide “Smart Phone Data Archiving”. We can copy and save all of your recoverable recorded files to a long-term storage device. We also offer the ability to make additional copies of your data, so you may safely delete the files filling up your phone or if your phone stops working, you can take comfort in knowing you still have a back-up. We have experience transferring and copying files from all makes, models, and ages of phones. Depending on the amount of data you need moved, we can save your Smart Phone files to your choice of CD’s, DVD’s, USB’s, and/or external hard drives.

We recommend that you verify that all of your files have been copied to a portable storage device before the files on your handheld device are deleted. For this reason, we do not delete any of the files from your Smart Phone. However, once you have confirmed all of your files have been correctly saved and backed up, we are happy to help you delete the files, should you need assistance.

So, what are you waiting for?

In the fast-paced world we live in, we understand that our Smart Phones are a huge part of our lives and we cannot be without them. Call us today at 479-880-8802, option 2, to request an appointment to have your Smart Phone data archived before it’s too late!

As Smart Phones cables are specific to make and model, we ask that you please bring your Smart Phone to USB cable. This is likely also the cable you use as your Smart Phone’s charger.

In the terrible event your internal data storage fails and you require data recovery, we offer smartphone data recovery services through our partner, Drive Savers.